The CERA 4in1 Standard will ensure environmental, social and economic sustainability of all raw materials through the value chain.

4 Standards in 1 System

CERA 4in1 will be the first certification system that provides a comprehensive and consistent, universal and standardized evaluation of environmental, social and economic sustainability along the entire raw materials value chain.

Through a systematic approach, CERA 4in1 will streamline and simplify the method through which sustainability is defined and guaranteed within the entire raw material value chain.

CERA 4in1 empowers the final consumer and all preceding actors of the value chain to make sustainable purchasing decisions.

The CERA 4in1 system brings together four consecutive standards under one certification scheme, with each considering a different aspect and stage of the raw materials value chain while building on each other:

CERA 4in1 Benefits

The primary benefit of the creation of CERA 4in1 is to simplify and standardise the certification of raw materials certification under a single, affordable universal scheme. CERA 4in1 has been designed to generate benefits and opportunities for every actor involved in the value chain, such as producers and processors, traders, manufacturers, actors, and consumers.

Regardless of size, scale, location, business activity or material considered, all actors along the value chain have the ability to be certified through CERA 4in1.

CERA 4in1 will set out to harmonise the way the raw materials value chain ensures the sustainability of its processes, products and linkages.

CERA 4in1 certification can secure the value of investment, with greater transparency and traceability minimising reputational and financial risk.

CERA 4in1 will be affordable for all actors in the value chain – from artisanal mining operators to large-scale operators – democratising certification for the first time.

Understanding the standards  guaranteed by CERA 4in1 certification will mean that consumers or endusers feel empowered by the purchasing choices they make.