Do you have a question about CERA 4in1? It’s possible someone has asked it before, so please take a look through the following FAQs and if you still need further information please contact us at info@cera4in1.org

CERA 4in1 Advisors and Partners

CERA 4in1’s Advisory Board has been drawn from some of the world’s leading and institutions working today in the raw materials value chain. It currently includes: Volkswagen, Euromines, Siemens, EBRD, Infinity Lithium, University of Southern Denmark, United Nations ECE and the EU Joint Research Centre (JRC).

We would like to underline that the members of the Advisory Board have no direct influence on the design of the system. They act only in an advisory capacity and are responsible for ensuring that all stakeholders are given sufficient consideration. 

Everybody is welcome to join the board, and the CERA 4in1 team is in contact andwith well-known environmental and human rights organisations already.