Do you have a question about CERA 4in1? It’s possible someone has asked it before, so please take a look through the following FAQs and if you still need further information please contact us at info@cera4in1.org

What are CERA 4in1’s benefits?

The primary benefit of the creation of CERA 4in1 is to simplify and standardise the certification of raw materials under a single and universal scheme. CERA 4in1 has been designed to generate benefits and opportunities for every actor involved in the value chain, such as producers and processors, traders, manufacturers, standards owners, and consumers.

The main benefits for upstream actors are reputation and accessibility. Working with CERA offers guarantee of positive social and environmental impact, which creates a distinct competitive advantage for first movers whilst encouraging more sustainable behaviour. CERA 4in1 offers large and also small upstream actors to participate.

Within the value chain, there is greatest variety in size, structure, production processes and readiness level which was presented a barrier to certification in the past. CERA 4in1 presents the opportunity for certification regardless of size, scope of work and processes. CERA 4in1 also enables value chain actors to make informed decisions about the materials they handle and of doing so giving first- mover companies a competitive reputational advantage to sell their products.

Understanding the standards guaranteed by the CERA 4in1 certification will mean that consumers feel empowered by the purchasing choices they make, building trust in brands by differentiating between products that meet or fall short of their values.

The CERA 4in1 system and functionality is developed based on the process approach of ISO 9001, plan – do – check – act. It means that every CERA 4in1 subject (e.g. ‘Biodiversity’, ‘Human and Community Rights’ etc.) will be handled with developing a policy, a risk assessment, mitigation plans for identified risks, KPI monitoring and improvement plans. As a result, a continually improvement of all subjects within the CERA 4in1 system will be focused.

The CERA 4in1 system won ́t exclude ASM and due to this fact, a specific CERA 4in1 approach is developed. On the one hand the CERA 4in1 approach for ASM will intend to provide a platform for initiatives that are dealing with the ASM sector. One the other hand by implementing reduced standard requirements a small-scale mine could obtain the right for delivering material into the CERA 4in1 chain of custody.

The CERA 4in1 system is build up on the Plan-Do-Check-Act process approach of ISO 9001. Within the aspects Check-Act, the organisation needs to monitor their process with Key performance indicators as well as improve those. Based on case-by-case assessments these processes are reported in public.