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CERA 4in1 & Existing Certificates

CERA 4in1 is different in two distinct ways: it provides a uniform and comprehensive assessment at all levels of the value chain; and is neither mineral product-specific nor regionally-focused. In addition, CERA 4in1 is more comprehensive than all other systems because it is composed of 4 sub-standards. It ranges from the exploration of deposits prior to mining activities to the final product.

CERA 4in1 is not only about making certification universal, it is about making it accessible. In addition, CERA 4in1 wants to simplify the situation for OEMs or end customers, for example. So far, they have had to deal with a multitude of standards of different quality and scopes.

There are many different certification schemes for raw materials, and the standards and scope of each varies. So far, there is no functioning certification scheme for all raw materials, along the entire value chain. CERA 4in1 supports the idea of harmonising the certification market.

The declared aim of CERA 4in1 is to contribute to the harmonisation of the certification situation and the cross-recognition of other  certification schemes. Recognition of other schemes will take place provided that their methodology and metrics comply with the CERA 4in1 standard.

No. CERA 4in1 doesn't want to displace other systems, it wants to accept them. CERA 4in1 is working to streamline certification in raw materials and create a consistent, universal standard regardless of mineral or region.

CERA 4in1 includes the OECD due diligence five-step approach within its system to be aligned with the OECD Guidance. By successfully fulfilling the alignment assessment of OECD, the CERA 4in1 standard will be the system, which also can be used to fulfil the necessary requirements of the law for conflict-minerals that comes into force 2021.