Do you have a question about CERA 4in1? It’s possible someone has asked it before, so please take a look through the following FAQs and if you still need further information please contact us at info@cera4in1.org

I want to work with CERA 4in1

It depends on case-by-case assessments. In general, CERA 4in1 adopts the audit periods of ISO.

The certification process is highly dependent on the sustainability status already achieved by the company. In order not to delay the certification process, the so-called candidate status is limited to one year.

Yes, CERA 4in1 reports shall be published in public, but currently which information will be published is still under discussion. However, all CERA 4in1 certificates will be hosted on a public ledger, which allows third parties to identify CERA 4in1 certificate holders. Moreover, CERA 4in1 will operate a Hybrid model. This model combines a public block chain and a classic database. Within the public blockchain the public is able to verify certificate holders as well as the origin of products. The classic database is accessible only for registered users and stands for business use of CERA 4in1 Chain of Custody, whereas certified and uncertified commodities will be traced.