2021 introduces CERA 4in1

We set out to streamline and simplify the certification of raw materials sustainability through a new approach rooted in collaboration, transparency and consistency. The progress we have seen with new advisory board members joining, our pilot projects around the world moving ahead, and the continued development of our methodology has only strengthened our resolve to develop and introduce this new certification scheme.

And as that mission has become clearer, so the brand for our initiative has become more defined. From the beginning, our focus has fallen on consistency and harmonization, unifying complex elements together under one holistic structure. We are independent consultants, research institutes, and specialists from multiple countries working together to develop four separate sustainability certificates, each tailored to a specific stage of the value chain, under one overarching scheme – fitting together perfectly, like the pieces of a puzzle.

So, to reflect this, from 2021 we will be renaming our initiative CERA 4in1.

Our new name underlines our core purpose of offering one certification scheme that provides four different standards, suitable for every actor in the raw materials value chain.

2021 is going to be a very busy and impactful year for CERA 4in1 and we are looking forward to sharing updates from across our global network.