CERA 4in1 Certification Scheme finalizes review of Performance Standard for Mining & Processing in mineral Raw Materials Value Chain

We are very pleased to announce that – following extensive consultation, collaboration, peer-review and application testing, the review of the CERA 4in1 Performance Standard (CPS) has been finalized.

CERA 4in1 is more than just a certification scheme, it is a community of likeminded organisations, individuals and practitioners who believe in the need to streamline and simplify the sustainability agenda of the raw materials sector.

Dialogue and collaboration have always been central to CERA 4in1’s mission – evidenced as much through out Advisory Board as through our pilot projects – and the development of our certification standards is no different. Finalizing the CERA 4in1 Performance Standard (CPS) model relied on consultation and collaboration with a wide range of industry partners, organisations, and research institutes.

This has not only improved the strength of the community around CERA 4in1, but actively helped to extend the CPS to guarantee greater understanding about its applicability and functionality.

Speaking on the revision of the CPS, Dr Andreas Hucke, CERA 4in1 Programme Director “the CPS is the first step towards realizing a holistic and comprehensive sustainability, environmental, social and corporate governance standard completely covering any kind of mining and processing activities. We are looking forward to seeing the positive impact it will bring.”

Further details of the CPS and the other three standards defined within the CERA 4in1 certification scheme are available at www.cera4in1.org

CERA 4in1 is funded by EIT RawMaterials, a body of the European Union, under the Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

Downloads: https://www.cera4in1.org/news-pr/cera-4in1-documents