CERA explores certification and sustainability at largest ever Raw Materials Summit

The virtual format for the Raw Materials Summit was successful, increasing participants by 75% on last year’s event and gathering together 89 speakers and panellists along with more than 50 experts to discuss about the connections between the EU Green Deal and raw materials and advanced materials. DMT’s Panel discussion on Sustainability, Exploration and Operations attracted more than 90 participants in a lively discussion, and The Venture Forum connected 43 innovative start-ups and SMEs with 40 Venture Capital firms and corporate investors.

As part of formal summit programme, Dr Andreas Hucke, CERA Programme Director, delivered a keynote during the DMT Group Panel on Sustainability, Exploration and Operations in the opening session of the Day 2 innovation track. Other representatives from DMT Group also spoke on the topics of digitalisation in exploration and mining, and monitoring the mining ecosystem.

In his keynote address, Dr Andreas Hucke explored the topic of certification and sustainability in mining and beyond, focussing on the role of technology, confidentiality and real-life application in raw materials certification alongside the CERA mission to streamline and simplify the method for ensuring the sustainability of exploration, extraction, processing, manufacturing and the final product.

From its earliest inception, CERA has maintained a close relationship with EIT Raw Materials, both as an early financial supporter of DMT’s work developing CERA and as a leading proponent of innovation, education, entrepreneurship and sustainable competitiveness in the European minerals, metals and materials sector.

The Raw Materials Summit 2020 included keynotes by prominent speakers from the raw materials sector, representatives of the EU Commission, high profile entrepreneurs and startup investors. Besides the keynote speeches, a series of parallel sessions also took place providing numerous opportunities for all participants to enjoy a unique opportunity to understand the EU positioning concerning the energy transition and the impact this will have on raw materials supply and policies. 

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