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CERA 4in1 International Launch

The CERA 4in1 initiative was launched to wide acclaim in November 2019, supported by a series of articles written in the international press. In this media pack you can read a selection of the news coverage from the UK, Germany, France and the United States welcoming the CERA 4in1 launch.

“Raw materials certification and traceability: No time to lose momentum” Mining Review Africa

“Will the environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments readily advocated by mining companies, processers, traders and manufacturers alike over the past several years be revealed as core commitments or fair-weather aspirations?” This is the question asked by Dr Andreas Hucke, CERA Project Director, in an Editorial published by Mining Review Africa, which explores the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on sustainability commitments in the raw materials sector.


“Ethical Standards: A Puzzle for Mining Groups”, Les Echos 

“How can we ensure that smartphone components comply with environmental and social standards? How can we be sure that the lithium in batteries has not led to the destruction of a precious ecosystem, or that the cobalt in phones has not been extracted by a child at the risk of his or her life?” These are some of the questions posed in this article about CERA by Etienne Goetz, Commodities Reporter with Les Echos, the leading French financial newspaper. 


“DMT to launch global certification scheme for raw materials”, Creamers Mining Weekly 

“CERA has created the first definition of sustainability that is valid for all materials and manufacturing processes, meaning the CERA standard is applicable at every stage of the value chain – from mineral exploration to the final product – and across every country.” This article in Creamers Mining Weekly looks at the launch of the CERA initiative and the role the certification will play for harmonising standards in the raw materials sector.


“CERA blockchain certification program to track raw material sustainability credentials” International Mining 

 This article written by Daniel Gleeson, Editor of International Mining, covers the launch of the CERA standard and the role that technology will play in traceability and transparency of raw materials. The article highlights CERA’s use of blockchain technology “to enable the traceability of raw materials along the entire value chain for the first time.”


“Europe-led global certification scheme for raw materials expected in 2020” 

“A group of European bodies and companies have joined efforts to create the first global certification scheme ensuring consistent standards of environmental, social and economic impact throughout the entire raw materials value chain, to be launched next year.” This article by Cecilia Jamasmie, Senior Editor at, explores the coalition behind the launch of CERA, looking at the role of CERA’s advisory board and partners, and the role collaboration can play in overcoming the ‘barriers’ of complex, expensive and inconsistent certification.

Mining Indaba: Regulating Raw Materials

“Tracking how raw materials are sourced can be challenging, and companies are under pressure to prove that it is being done in an ethical way.” This report was broadcast by eNCA live from the 2020 Mining Indaba in Cape Town, South Africa, and looks at the role CERA plays in improving transparency from raw materials exploration all the way to the phone in your pocket. During the Indaba, Andreas and the CERA team led a private roundtable with value chain actors and contributed to a panel on the technologies at the forefront of raw materials sustainability.”